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And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye
may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
[Romans 12:2] [KJV]

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Kenn & Della have been students of God's Word for over 30 years and have completed numerous Bible study classes, courses and conferences - including advanced work in languages, figures of speech and customs & manners of the Bible. They conduct Bible fellowships, classes and special events in their home, Semeion, which is located in rural Buckingham County, Virginia - about 10 miles South of Scottsville and just 3 miles from Centenary, which is on South Constitution Route (State Road 20 South). If you would like to join us for fellowship please call 434-286-2529 for directions and to make sure we are not on vacation or travel. We ask that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and plan on being able to leave an hour after the start of fellowship if you need to - but please feel free to join us for coffee and a snack afterwards if you would like to ask questions about God and His Word, receive personal prayer or ministering - or just visit.

We call our first century style church in the home "Semeion Fellowship" and frequently meet weekly on Sunday at 10:30am. Kenn & Della have been listening to audio and video teaching tapes, but Kenn usually teaches when there are others in attendance. Sunday fellowship can typically include one or more of the following: Praise, Prayer, Worship, Singing, Manifestations and Bible Teaching. We also run multi-day audio and video classes on a schedule determined in advance by mutual agreement of the fellowship believers - with weekend times preferred.

Semeion is a Greek word found in the Bible where it is translated variously as "Sign", "Miracle", "Wonder" and "Token". A literal translation according to usage would be "Indicating the significance of the work wrought". We named our home Semeion because not only did we see God's hand of blessing upon our acquisition of the land and considered the construction of our home to be a pretty significant work - but spiritually we know that the completed redemptive work God wrought in Christ was THE most significant of anything He ever did. When you come to Semeion, expect signs, miracles and wonders - all of which are merely a token of God's love for us.

We are Partners with Spirit & Truth Fellowship International (STFI) and individual members of their STF-USA Association. We are also an Affiliated Fellowship with The Living Truth Fellowship (TLTF). These are non-profit, tax exempt United States (Indiana) corporations whose purposes are to make known the Word of God, to further the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to facilitate fellowship among Christians and to provide Christian educational services, including biblical research, written publications and biblical teachings. STFI also sponsors two additional web sites: Biblical Unitarians and Truth or Tradition - which we highly recommend you visit as often as you can - along with the TLTF web site.

We are very interested in teaching God's Word, fellowshipping with like-minded believers and achieving outreach within our local community - so please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of these things.

Thanks, and God bless!
Lovingly, in Christ,
Kenn & Dolores

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